“Improv should feel easy and delightful.”

My aim is always to give people the simple, specific skills they need, onstage or off, and then opportunities to practise those skills.

I believe that if we stay present, playful and connected with the people we are playing or working with, the simple leads to the complex and the everyday to the extraordinary.

I believe in learning through trying something, making mistakes and then picking ourselves up and doing it again.

“Improv teaches you to trust¬†yourself and others.”

I believe we are more ourselves when we cooperate than when we compete and learn more when we lose our way. Improv teaches you to trust yourself and others, being bold in your leading and bold in your following, prioritising the task over the ego.

For me, improv is not a set of exercises, but a state of mind. Like a walking, laughing meditation, improv allows us to embrace what is happening and find the power and originality in that. It builds empathy, creativity and charisma. It is not magic, but a learnable set of skills, available and useful to everyone.

Standard Classes

I have a syllabus of standard classes for festivals and team coaching. Read more about these here.

Bespoke Classes

If you have specific needs, contact me and I can create a bespoke class for you.

Public Classes

I teach regular public classes through The Nursery Theatre, including many adapted from my standard class list.